Our Story

At Certified Athletic Nutrition, we recognized a need in the nutritional industry for a one stop shop for NSF certified nutritional supplements for both athletes and quality conscious customers.

This idea came from one of our founders, professional catcher Jonathan Lucroy. Lucroy says, “I have had this vision for years now to see a one stop shopping destination for  certified for sports supplements. Back in July we began to push forward with this idea, and we were finally able to launch on November 1st. The vision has not been to just create a safe place for professional athletes to turn to for supplements, but also help provide a learning place for everyone who is taking supplements. I remember approaching my mom in high school telling her I needed supplements. Her first concern was to make sure I was only putting safe products into my body. I feel it is important to provide a safe destination for athletes to buy supplements, and create peace of mind for all the moms and families like mine.”

Certified Athletic Nutrition (CAN) was born out of a need from a professional athlete, but is also passionate about helping the “everyday athlete" who expects more from themselves and their supplements. At Certified Athletic Nutrition we believe that EVERYONE CAN!


Our Mission - Certified Athletic Nutrition exists to elevate results and educate athletes. This is done by providing a destination for banned substance free nutritional products with a focus on impeccable customer service.