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This workout bundle consist of the 3 popular workout supplements, which support pre, during, and post workout performances. 


P4 Pre-Game Pre Workout Formula is designed to offer athletes that performance edge. It blends critical nutrients that support muscle strength, muscle growth, and muscle recovery. A boost of caffeine promotes sharp mental focus. P4’s Pre-Game Formula includes CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, which helps to ward off fatigue while helping athletes develop increased strength and endurance. Creatine is also included in the carefully-blended formula. This amino acid has been shown in numerous studies to promote strength, muscle growth, and performance, no matter what level of intensity athletes engage in. Arginine and tyrosine are additional amino acids; arginine supports protein synthesis in the muscles and offers a boost to immune health, while tyrosine is known for its ability to improve mental acuity and alertness. The tasty fruit punch-flavored drink powder mixes easily with water. Take one scoop with 8-10oz. of water immediately before a workout for the ultimate in performance, focus, and endurance. 


Amino acids serve as the building blocks of protein, which are critical in the growth, repair, and performance of muscle tissue. Branched-chain forms of amino acids, referred to as BCAAs, are called upon to promote muscle synthesis and recovery. Athletes place unique demands on their muscles, and amino acid supplementation can provide the support needed for optimal performance.
Xtend Blue Raspberry was developed with a carefully-calibrated ratio of 2:1:1 of three BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. This ratio helps to stimulate ATP production on a cellular level, which provides energy during strenuous activity. We’ve included a blend of electrolytes in our formula to assist with cell hydration and optimal muscle contraction rates. The result is a supplement that supports the highest levels of performance, particularly beneficial to athletes engaging in high-intensity exercise or sport. The delicious blue raspberry-flavored powder mixes easily with liquids and is convenient for lifestyles on the go.


Pro Food was developed to bring a best in class protein to both the world of NSF athletes and anyone looking to take their results to the next level.  This naturally sweetened, tri-source protein not only provides better results than a single source protein, it also tastes great without the artificial sweeteners that most proteins rely on.  Pro Food is certified by NSF, which means what is on the label is guaranteed to be in the product. 

A breakdown of each of the main ingredients in Pro Food shows why this product stands out in an industry saturated with inferior protein supplements. 

·         30 gram Tri-Source Protein Blend

o   Whey Protein Isolate - 10 grams of fast digesting protein for rapid delivery of amino acids to the muscles. Needed post workout or when your muscles haven't been fed for a period of time.

o   Egg White Protein - 10 grams of medium digesting protein, this will continue the release of amino acids into the bloodstream and extend recovery.

o   Micellar Casein - 10 grams of slow digesting protein. This protein digests at a much slower rate. This allows the body to have a longer duration of protein synthesis leading to better results.

·         MCT Oil (medium chain triglycerides) - Quickly digested fats that create a thermogenic effect which benefits the metabolism. These fats are a great source of quick energy by creating ketones that supply the brain with energy.

·         Spectra™  Antioxidants - Spectra™ is the first scientifically validated formula of fruits, vegetables, and herbs shown to inhibit free radical production, optimize cellular metabolic activity, and increase nitric oxide levels within our bodies.†

·         ProHydrolase® (Digestive enzyme) - Numerous in vitro studies plus two separate human clinical studies have shown the superior ability of ProHydrolase to quickly break down protein, increase available amino acids in the blood, decrease C-reactive protein levels and decrease the large peptides associated with stomach discomfort that results from consuming protein.

·         DE111® Probiotic (Bacillus Subtilis) – Clinically studied probiotic strain that has shown benefits for digestion, regularity, sports performance, and body composition. 

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