There are many sources of protein on the market.  Most are derived from milk such as whey and casein.  For those that are looking for a dairy free alternative to whey and casein, egg protein provides a complete source of essential amino acids. These amino acids are essential to muscle repair, recovery, and muscle growth.  Egg protein powder is created by separating the egg white from the yolk, the egg whites are then dehydrated to create a powder.  Most egg protein supplements contain about 6 eggs (24 G) in one serving without the cholesterol and fat associated with whole eggs.  Egg protein is also a great addition to other types of protein when used in a blended protein.

            The industry is moving toward proteins that have multiple sources of protein that digest at different rates. Typically, this comes in a combination of whey, egg, and casein.  Traditional whey protein isolate has a very fast absorption rate, casein absorbs at a much slower rate, and egg protein falls somewhere in the middle.  When these three proteins are combined into a blend it allows for both fast absorption of amino acids from whey isolate to immediately feed the body, then the amino acids from the egg to extend recovery, followed by casein which can supply amino acids for an extended period of time. 

            Whether you are looking to add protein to your regimen through food, a complete protein powder, or looking for a protein blend that can extend recovery, egg protein is a solid choice to help you maximize your goals. Egg protein is sometimes considered nature’s perfect protein because of the abundance of amino acids it provides, and how well it is utilized by the body. 

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