Omega 3’s are an important part of any healthy diet.  Unfortunately like a lot of important nutrients, most people consume far too few of these good fats.  Your body produces very little on its own and makes these fats essential for you to consume through food or supplementation. The two omega 3’s that are most recognized and play a critical role in the body are EPA and DHA.  These primarily come from an array of different types of fish.  You can also supplement with ALA which is a precursor of EPA and DHA, and comes primarily from plant based sources.  However, only about one percent of the total intake of ALA actually converts to EPA and DHA.
Omega 3’s play a pivotal role in many areas of overall health.  First off, they can be very beneficial in heart health.  They have been shown to help with blood pressure and also maintaining healthy triglyceride levels, which can help decrease the risk of heart disease.  They also have numerous benefits for the brain.  The omega 3, DHA, is very prevalent in the brain and helps with brain development in babies.  It can also help to maintain brain health as we age.  Another very important benefit is the anti-inflammation associated with Omega 3’s.  For active individuals this is important because of the constant stress on the muscles and joints.  Omega 3’s can act as a natural lubricant to help combat this stress.  Also, physical stress can lead to inflammation which increases recovery time and can be detrimental to results.  There are a multitude of benefits we haven’t even touched on from eye health to improving absorption of other supplements that Omega 3’s can improve upon.

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