When you hear about supplements and the importance of them for your sport/workouts, we tend to hear mostly about Macro-nutrients. Macro-nutrients  include protein, fats, and carbs and are considered macro because of the large amount that you intake.They are absolutely important and needed in the correct amounts for every type of athlete, competitor, or average Joe.

However, lost in the focus on how many macros you should be getting daily are the vitally important micro-nutrients. Micro-nutrients are broken down into vitamins and minerals that your body does not need large doses of, but are essential for health and performance. Most Americans are deficient in at least one vitamin or mineral. Our typical American diet is not nutrient rich and even if eating very clean can miss key vitamins or minerals. A recent study in 2011 found that 90% of Americans have nutrient deficiencies in their diet.

A multivitamin supplement can fill nutritional gaps and help eliminate these deficiencies.This is important because these micro-nutrients perform hundreds of functions in the body, including converting food to energy.This makes them just as, if not more important than the macro-nutrients.

CAN carries high quality multivitamins from Fuel Nutrition, Klean Athlete, and Thorne Research. When buying your next stack of product, make sure it includes a high quality multivitamin to fortify your micro-nutrient needs.

Tip of the day- always bring enough food
Tip of the day- always bring enough food...
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