May 14, 2018


The importance of probiotics in a healthy diet cannot be overstated. These good bacteria provide many health benefits. They are live microorganisms that play a big role in digestive health, immune system function, and absorption of key nutrients. The body contains both good and bad bacteria. Bad...
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April 25, 2018

Micellar Casein Protein - The Perfect Complement to Whey

Most athletes or fitness enthusiasts have purchased protein to help with recovery. The vast majority of whom probably purchased a whey protein powder. Whey protein and specifically whey protein isolate is a great post workout protein due to its fast absorption rate, and high amount of essential am...
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April 10, 2018

Egg Whites

There are many sources of protein on the market. Most are derived from milk such as whey and casein. For those that are looking for a dairy free alternative to whey and casein, egg protein provides a complete source of essential amino acids. These amino acids are essential to muscle repair, re...
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March 28, 2018

The Importance of Vitamin D in our Daily Regimen

“Get out in the sun and get your daily dose of Vitamin D.” We have all heard this before but do we all really get the right amounts of this important nutrient? The answer in a lot of cases is probably no. It takes upwards of 30 minutes of direct sun exposure, to the skin, 2-3 times a week for the...
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March 11, 2018

Omega 3's The Good Fat

Omega 3’s are an important part of any healthy diet. Unfortunately like a lot of important nutrients, most people consume far too few of these good fats. Your body produces very little on its own and makes these fats essential for you to consume through food or supplementation. The two omega 3’s t...
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